DJI Mavic Pro 2: The rumours, leaks and features (Teaser video)

DJI is very close to announcing the DJI Mavic Pro 2. Rumours and leaks have been circling the internet and there was even a DJI event scheduled. What can you expect?
3 hours ago

Cheap drones guide: what you need to know about toy drones

First time flying a drone? Join us for our best tips and tricks to choosing a trainer quadcopter and what to do before you fly. Best cheap drones included.
20 hours ago

DJI Phantom 3 – is it still worth it?

Join us as we explore if the DJI Phantom 3 is still a smart drone purchase - Iconic quadcopter design, excellent flight features, 4K camera and low price.
21 hours ago

Flight Evolved using drones to help fight fires in California

The race is on to make wildfire-prone areas safe before the fires move in. Flight Evolved is making this happen with the use of drones and LiDAR technology.
2 days ago

Best cheap drones – under $100

As a companion to our Cheap drones guide, this is our list of the Best cheap drones - under $100. Inexpensive quadcopters for the beginning pilot.
2 days ago

Best racing drones – the need for aerial speed

Flown a drone but want to go faster? These are some of the best racing drones and things you'll need to know before race day. Fly safe, fly fast, have fun.
2 days ago

Drone noise – the best places to fly are the worst places to fly

Join us for a guest appearance on the SoundGuys podcast. We talk drone noise and animals - where is it safe and legal to fly, how bad are drones for wildlife and more.
3 days ago
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