You probably haven’t heard of Ace Electronics Enterprise or AEE before, that’s about to change. AEE has consumer drones to military drones and is active highly active in the action camera market and are in the beginning stages of their handheld gimbal adventures.

If you are looking for action cameras for your next adventure or need to master you aerial shots, AEE might be the perfect company for your next drone.

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Selfie drones

Mach 1

CES 2019 saw a large number of new drones entering the market. The EAA MACH1 is a compact drone equipped with GPS, an EIS stabilized 4K sensor all powered by the Qualcomm Flight chip. Along with the MACH 1, AEE also has the Air Selfie 2 and the larger Sparrow 360.


CES 2018 AEE selfly ready to fly
The AEE Selfly is another drone to come out of CES 2019, the small compact foldable drone that fits into its very own phone case. Equipped with a camera and a live feed to your phone. The AEE Selfly could be the perfect drone for when you don’t have a drone.

Photography/videography drones

The AEE A20 is the latest smart aerial photography drone from AEE, with a 3-axis stabilized 1080p 60fps camera, GPS positioning, fail-safe features, smart flight modes all controlled by an app. Optional accessories for the AEE A20 can also be bought to allow for payload carrying and water landings.

Toruk AP9, AP10 Pro, AP11 Pro, AP12
The AEE Toruk series of drones is the same drone with various payload options to suit your needs. They all have GPS, fail-safe modes, the same controller and a 6800mah battery and the ability to carry payloads of 200 grams. The various payload options include a GoPro mount, stabilized 1080p 60fps camera, AEE’s S60 Plus action camera or a stabilized 4K 30fps camera.

Action cameras & gimbals

Mokacam 2nd gen

AEE Mokacam CES 2019
The 2nd gen AEE Mokacam is the latest action camera from drone and camera maker AEE. It features an impressive 4K 30fps recording as well as 1080p 120fps slow-motion video. The Mokacam also comes with a detachable 2.0” LCD screen to easily control and view your videos and photos back. AEE also has the Lyfe Shadow 4k action camera, the Slate Elite+ UHD handheld gimbal plus over 19 other action cameras that can suit all your needs.

Commercial drones

Mach 4

AEE Mach 4 CES 2019
The AEE Mach 4 is the latest commercial drone from AEE. The Mach 4 is a foldable industry level drone with a payload capacity of 1kg and an impressive flight time of 40 minutes. The AEE Mach 4 also has smart flight modes and a 28 km range and a 5km transmission radius. Along with the Mach 4, AEE also has the F70 thermal payload drone, two VTOL drones the G10 and the G30 and the manned electric A-200 Rotorcraft.

Police drones & cameras



AEE’s other entrant into the commercial space is the vast amount of police-oriented drones and body cameras. The AEE J20 is the latest police drone to be added to the AEE family of drones. Equipped with a wide-angle UHD 4K camera. Along with the J20, there is also the JP12 surveillance drone, the F100, and F600 dual camera drones and 10+ police body cameras. AEE also have the UC10 mobile drone control center located in the back of a custom minivan.

Wrap up

AEE is a newer company in the consumer drone market and is rapidly growing into a well-known brand. Their presence at CES has helped them to gain attention in the US and worldwide market.

AEE also has a few products that we have seen before like the Air Selfie drone and the Mokacam, which was birthed from the popular startup site Indiegogo.

We are excited to see what AEE have to show when their next drones or cameras are released. From what we can see they are definitely heading in the right direction with their consumer drones and their commercial drones as well.

What’s next?
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