Traffic is a confusing science. Logistically, optimizing package delivery can only go so far with the way our roads currently work. Vehicles can only move one way, and the only opportunity to change direction comes by exiting the freeway/highway and turning around to get back on the road. In  a perfect world, this wouldn’t be an issue, and if we know Amazon, they’ve set out to make the most perfectly logistical world they can.

The company has just been awarded a new patent which helps vehicles to more optimally deliver packages by utilizing reversible lanes. While these type of lanes obviously don’t exist in our current society, Amazon wants to eventually make something like this happen. The new flow chart diagram filed by the company plots out how this system will work in an extremely abstract way, and would only work with specialized vehicles that can understand these traffic flow instructions.

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There have already been a number of allegations that Amazon is looking to create its own fleet of self-driving delivery trucks, which wouldn’t be surprising, especially considering all of the companies looking to get in on the space themselves. Likely coming from members of its drone division, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the vehicles, but with laws beginning to allow driverless vehicles in many areas, we’re ready to see an announcement from Amazon soon.

Amazon’s patent looks to be open so that other autonomous vehicles can take advantage of the software, but we imagine they will have some trouble getting other manufacturers to adhere to the same standards they want to implement.

Would you be excited for a reversible lane roadway? It would certainly deliver packages a lot faster, which would be pretty beneficial to those who rely on online shopping in a pinch.

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