Earlier in January, we reported that Lily Robotics had filed for bankruptcy and that $34 million in pre-orders would be refunded back to 60,000 customers. In a short email sent out to these customers a few days ago, the company explains how to request for a refund but specifies no timeline for when these refunds will be processed.

Financial reasons to blame for bankruptcy

Despite successful pre-orders for its highly-anticipated Lily camera drone, the company officially filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy at the end of last month. Sources say that the troubled start-up had difficulty securing funds to kick-start the drone production and eventually decided to close its business. Now, not only does it have to refund 60,000 or so customers in $34 million total, but it’s also facing a lawsuit from San Francisco over misleading business practices.

Some already received their refunds, others who knows when

Some customers report that they have already received a refund for their pre-order; however, there is no specific timeframe for when the rest will follow. In a short email sent out to those who pre-ordered, Lily explains where to go in order to fill out the refund request form. However, that’s pretty much it. Though the company promises that all refunds will be fulfilled, there is no way of knowing when.

According to Recode, Lily aims to auction off its intellectual property in early June, but either way, by law it’s required to give back the money owed to its customers. You can click here to start the process.

Are you one of the affected customers? Have you received your refund yet? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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