Ever look out a rain covered window and wish you could be out there with your drone? Most of our favorite quadcopters would not do well to get wet, but there are some that can handle it. We’re not just talking about a bit of rain, there are a handful of drones that are happy to go for a swim!

Join us for a quick look at a few flying machines that can handle a dip in the ocean, these are some of the best waterproof drones.

We will regularly update this post with new drones or changes to the existing list. This month we added the Tetra Drone, a solid looking option for a drone that can fly and swim. A few minor price changes as well.

For the most part, our drones today will be almost completely waterproof, but please look into the finer details to make sure that they will meet your needs. That is, you can get splash-proof drones that can handle a light rain, waterproof drones that are not safe in saltwater or fully submersible ocean vessels.

Further, just because a drone is waterproof, does not mean you can land and take off from water. To do so, a drone must float or otherwise get the propellers out of the water far enough to push enough air for liftoff. Breaking the surface tension of the water requires a lot of power as well, most drones will not have an issue with that, but it is certainly something to be aware of when shopping.

Before we get to the list, there are waterproofing measure you can take on nearly any drone. We will not be covering these options, nor promoting them, but a little research on products like Corrosion X may solve your needs. If in doubt, hit your local hobby store that handles RC boats – the electronics in your drone are likely similar to that of an RC boat, if they can go in the water, so can your drone.

We’ve also seen some DIY projects that affix flotation devices to the landing gear of popular drones, we do not recommend this either. Again, not saying you can’t do it, just be wary of that surface tension and extra weight of the water – the failed DIY attempts we’ve seen all either could not lift off, or flipped into the water when a side or corner failed to lift out evenly. That $4 pool noodle sounds like an inexpensive experiment, please don’t let it sink your thousand dollar drone.

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Last word on the matter, please do keep in mind the additional power requirements to fly in inclement weather. The impact of water drops on your propellers can be detrimental at its worst. There is a fair amount of extra weight from water on the drone, never mind the risk of water trapped inside the drone. Finally, if flying in the rain, there is a good chance it’s windy out as well. Fighting wind is one of the fastest ways to kill a drone battery. Fly safe.

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Waterproof drones

Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone

Also seen in our Parrot drones guide

Parrot Drones GuideWe’ve seen the Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone before, just a brief appearance on our Parrot drones guide. Once again, we’re not looking at a very impressive flying machine here, but as a concept and RC boat, we have nothing but applause for Parrot.

We must admit a little disappointment when we learned that the little quadcopter on the Hydrofoil could not lift the entire assembly out of the water. However, once detached, the MiniDrone portion of this unit is a fairly capable flier, and while not fully waterproof, it can certainly handle some fresh water splashing.

Check out the Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone for $86 on Amazon today.

Splash Drone 3

Unleashed through Kickstarter back in 2015, the Splash Drone is an enthusiast built quadcopter with complete waterproofing in mind. This submersible drone offers a waterproof gimbal for your GoPro camera, or an optional Payload Release System. As much as I like the idea behind dropping cargo, please brush up on your FAA rules in the U.S. before you do so. Update: It looks like the third iteration of this drone is live now, Look for the Splash Drone 3 to get the best experience.

A long list of features reveals a well equipped drone and accessories ready to fly and float for up to 19 minutes on a charge. Check out the Splash Drone 3 for $1699 today.


Beginner kids cheap DronesAnother in the line of small, toy-class drones, the JJRC H31 offers up headless mode, the ability to flip and more. Of course, the reason we’re here, it is also waterproof. That said, we feel as though this one takes liberties with the term. It is certainly splash-proof, and can handle a short accidental dip, but I would hesitate to fully submerse this drone.

Luckily, if anything goes wrong, you will be more frustrated than broke – check out the JJRC H31 for $34 on Amazon today.


Also seen in our Best commercial drones list

This is probably the most expansive drone on our list, but there is much to like about the QuadH2O waterproof drone. In terms of capabilities, the fact that it looks like a flying submarine is for good reason. No, sorry, it’s not a submarine itself, but it could be if you could figure out the propulsion and ballast systems.

Built-in FPV camera, action camera mount, fully floating design, 1000 m range and upwards of 10 minutes of flight on a charge are fairly mediocre specifications. The passionate team behind the product and fully waterproof build add up to a $2895 ready-to-fly price tag for the Quad H2O. Now you’re looking at a starter kit for $849.00.

HexH2O Pro V2

From the makers of the QuadH2O above, the new HexH2O Pro V2 is a folding hexacopter design, utilizing many DJI components, including their Zenmuse X3 camera and Lightbridge radios and controller, you can even fly the HexH2O using the DJI Go app. Packing this powerful 4K camera into a waterproof housing that sits below the surface of the water, you can land on the waves to see below, or take off to enjoy DJI Inspire level aerial photography.

This is an impressive professional drone with the added bonus of being weather resistant and able to land on water. I hope that prepared you for the next part, the price. The HexH2O Pro V2 starts at $1995.00 for the base drone, however, you’ll need to add bits and pieces before you can fly, a fully loaded purchase, including the Zenmuse camera, remote control, flight controller, a tablet for the remote, a case, ND filters and a microSD card is $8590.90. You should expect to pay about $5400 to get the HexH2O Pro V2 off the ground.


We teased a submersible drone, let’s go all in with the PowerVision Technology Group PowerRay, a submarine with a camera. Designed for any type of water, the tethered craft has a fifty meter cable, 4K camera and an FPV headset to live view what you are recording under the sea.

PowerRay may not be the most capable underwater drone on the market, but it’s the one that’s on our radar. You’ll need to sink $1488 – $1888 to swim with the fishes.

Tetra Drones Tetra

A British installment to our list, Tetra Drones builds the Tetra Drone. This is a fully submersible flying machine that tilts its propellers forward to move through water, then back up to take tot he sky. What we’ve seen of the machine looks like it supports a GoPro, or similar small camera, stabilizing it behind a glass bubble. We’d love to see more on this drone, but as far as we can tell, it’ss a solid offering for a waterproof drone.

Fun and random: Inflatable drone

It would be wrong of me to suggest you purchase this drone without some research, we simply encountered it in our travels and thought you might like the idea. In short, the smarts of the craft are tucked into a 3D printed waterproof housing, then inflating tubes act as propeller arms. The bottom is flat, ready for water landings. Enjoy the video, and do please let us know if you pursue this one, we’d be curious to know what you find and how it works out for you. Learn more here.


Most of us will never intentionally go for a swim with our expensive quadcopters, but for those that would like to do so, we hope these waterproof drones will fill your need. That said, every time I fly my DJI Mavic Pro over top of water I am thinking about that worst case scenario, maybe I should invest in something that floats as well.

Is there a waterproof drone you prefer, or do you keep your flights to sunny days?

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