Most drones can go both ways. Though there are multiple uses for these buzzing pieces of metal, generally the user wants to be able to reuse their drone as many times as physically possible. There are some cases however, in which a user might want to send their drone to a location and have it be unrecoverable. Whether for spying, message delivery, or many other things, the new VAPR cardboard drone keeps your information from falling into enemy hands.

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VAPR, which stands for Vanishing Programmable Resources, is made to keep your drone from being captured by the wrong person. It is being developed by San Francisco-based company Otherlab, with plans to make autonomous cardboard systems that can be deployed en masse to get information (or product) where it needs to go. These drones can fly up to 55 miles from where they are originally deployed, and can hone in on very specific locations.

Current models can carry up to 2.2 pounds, but the company says they are looking for later models to have the ability to carry 22 pound cargo with ease.

These obviously serve mostly military purposes, but they would be interesting courier devices as well.

Cool, eh?

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