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Black Friday is over, but there are still many deals on drones to be found. Cyber Monday is the name of the game now, with a weekend of deals leading into the day itself. So far, we’re looking at continuing deals on most common drones, but now we’re seeing a bunch of toy-class machines on sale as well. 

For those of you that read our Black Friday deals post, please note that we are re-using a lot of those same resources. Look for the big tables below full of savings on our favorite drones, but first we’ll list some of the new sales we’re excited about. We will not be just listing sales we find, forcing you to sift through. Instead, we’ll list our favorite drones then add links to sales. We’ll do a little categorizing at least, for those that don’t know all the drones yet, otherwise, find your drone and pick your deal below. 

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Before we dive into drones, be sure to check out other savings on electronics from around our network: 

For the drones on sale below, unless otherwise stated, the deals are effective for Monday, November 27, 2017 only. From 00:00 until 23:59.

Syma X5C – $39.69 (Usually about this same price, or cheaper, but one of our favorite toy drones.)
Syma S107 helicopter – $13.29 (A toy for young children.)
Syma X20 mini drone – $18.99 (For flying in the living room.)
TDR Eggsplorer – $20.99 (It’s a flying egg.)
UDI U818A FPV – $89.99 (Regularly $99-$109)

GoPro Karma with Hero5 camera – $899 (Regularly $1099, that’s a great deal!)

Other fun drones

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Parrot Airborne Night – $50 (Normally $79)
Parrot Disco fixed-wing drone with FPV – $599 (Save $300)
3DR Solo kit – $299 (Save over $200!)
Air Hogs DR1 racing drone – $45 (Normally $65)
More to come!

Finally, Amazon has their own lists of toy drones they think we should look at. These are not drones we’ve tested or endorse, just throwing it out there for you.

Hubsan Cyber Monday deal

Hubsan is keeping it simple, get 10% off your order through their website with the code: CYBERSALE17

The following deals were found in our Black Friday post, most are still active, or still well priced:

Mainstream mid to high-end drones

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DroneRead moreRegular priceBest sale price we've seenAmazon dealsBest Buy or other deals
DJI Mavic AirMavic Air announced$799$799
DJI Mavic Air Fly More comboMavic Air announced$999$999
DJI Mavic ProMavic Pro review$999$808
DJI Mavic Pro Fly More combo11 reasons to buy Mavic Pro$1299$1019
DJI Mavic Pro PlatinumMavic Pro Platinum announced$1099$1099
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More comboMavic Pro Platinum announced$1399$1399
DJI SparkSpark review$499$369
DJI Spark Fly More comboSpark review$699$596
Yuneec Typhoon HYuneec drones guide$999$799 ($749 refurbished)
Parrot Bebop 2 (FPV bundle with remote)Parrot Bebop 2 hands-on$499$399
Autel Robotics X-Star PremiumAutel Robotics drones guide$799$749
Yuneec BreezeYuneec drones guide$399$199

High-end to Professional camera drones

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DroneRead moreRegular priceBest sale price we've seenAmazon dealsBest Buy or other deals
DJI Phantom 4Phantom 4 - still worth it?$999$888
DJI Phantom 4 AdvancedPhantom 4 Advanced announced$1299$1098
DJI Phantom 4 Advanced+Phantom 4 Advanced announced$1499$1299
DJI Phantom 4 ProPhantom 4 Pro announced$1499$1285
DJI Phantom 4 Pro+7 reasons to buy Phantom 4 Pro$1799$1647
Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with Intel RealSenseYuneec drones guide$1499$1199
DJI Inspire 2Inspire 2 announcement interview$3000$2899
DJI Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5 cameraInspire 2 announcement interview$6200$5199
Yuneec H520Yuneec H520 demo and interview$1999$1999

If you like to search for yourself, here are all the drones on sale at Amazon this year.

Best nano drones
Best Nano Drones
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Beginner’s guide
Beginner kids cheap Drones
FAA Registration?
FAA Registration

Other fun drones

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Sky Viper Hover Racer – $40
Parrot Airborne Night – $50 (Normally $79)
Parrot Disco fixed-wing drone with FPV – $599 (Save $300)
3DR Solo – $129 – $159 with spare parts (Save over $400!)
Air Hogs DR1 racing drone – $49 (Normally $65)
More to come!

DJI Black Friday deals

DJI themselves have pushed out a set of Black Friday deals, knocking off a few dollars from each of their popular drones. Most of these deals match what we’re seeing on Amazon and elsewhere. The deals start on Nov 23rd, we’ll update this with the details before then. Stay tuned.

Update: DJI’s Black Friday offerings are live now, daily giveaways, save on Care Refresh, get free accessories and save some cash. 

Yuneec Black Friday deals

You won’t find any giveaways or gimmicks here, just some amazing savings on Yuneec drones. We’ve never seen prices this low for the Yuneec Breeze or the Typhoon H – if you were looking to buy these machines, now is your time. Breeze will be $200 and the Typhoon H and Pro model are that much and more off of their regular price. Some great deals here

As always, we hope you take the time to evaluate your needs, then your price, then choose your drone. If you need some help trying to figure it all out, be sure to visit our lengthy list of our best lists. Grouping our drone lists by price, size, use and more, we try to make it easy to learn what machine is best for you.

Drone Rush drones

As much time as we spend scouring the internet for great deals, we’re sure you’ve found a few worth sharing. Hit us up in the comments if you have anything fun.

Fly safe!

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