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If you were one of the many that dropped $1000 or more on the new DJI Mavic Pro drone, you were probably wondering when you’d be getting your delivery. We’re here to tell you that shipments have begun, your drone should be in the mail soon. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out our Mavic Pro announcement post before reading on.

In a short announcement, an apology of sorts, six days after what was supposed to be the initial shipment date, DJI was very vague about there being huge demand for their drone. “Production is in full swing and we will be fulfilling orders as fast as we can.”

Giving no idea as to an actual shipment date, many early adopters were already on social forums expressing confusion, and even anger.

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At the going price of $999 to order just the drone, the Mavic Pro has a popular pro package available. Including extra batteries, spare propellers, a bag and more, you’d be looking at $1299 to get in the air. This is a good chunk of change for a toy, so it’s a good thing the Mavic Pro offers some serious flight capabilities, good air time, impressive range and some of the best and most stable 4K video you’ll find from a flying consumer product.

The good news, the whole point you are here today, DJI has announced they have begun shipping their drone to those that pre-ordered. That’s effective October 21st, 2016, check your DJI account for shipping details. Hopefully yours went out with the first round.

DJI Mavic Pro folded

For those looking to buy now, things are not going to happen so quickly. DJI says an order placed right now will ship sometime in November. If it helps, Amazon lists a shipment date of November 15th. Hopefully ‘mid-November’ does not also get delayed.

If the delays are too much for your taste, be sure to check out the GoPro Karma, a similarly equipped drone that is almost as capable as the DJI offering, and equivalently less expensive as well. If neither is your ticket, check out our full list of the best Drones around today, which is even more accurate now that the Mavic Pro is shipping.

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Are you on the waiting list for this amazing looking little drone, or is the DJI Mavic Pro not the flying quadcopter for you?

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