DJI has your privacy in mind. More specifically, if you fly a professional drone from the company and are eager to operate offline, an update to the DJI Pilot app can help you out.

The app is designed for DJI’s commercial class drones. The idea is simple, companies often perform private operations, like a filming crew scouting an area before filming, and would like to keep this data private.

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DJI Drones guide The update to the DJI Pilot app is out now, and the supporting firmware for your favorite drone will roll out soon. Once all is installed, you can turn off all data services for your next flight.

It is very important to note that once you go offline with the app, your flight location and data may be private, but you are no longer connected to DJI for other things. You may recall that the app checks for firmware updates and contains flight restriction and geo-fencing tools, there are all offline as well.

If you are ready to handle all of the flight safety checks for yourself, offline mode can be exactly the thing you need to protect your precious company IP.

Please also note, all of your flight data, photos and videos are still saved on the craft. If you fly somewhere you shouldn’t be, the drone still knows it, it just isn’t reporting that data up to your account at DJI.

Have you ever had need to fly offline – share your stories in the comments below.

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