The mere existence of the DJI Spark is still a rumor, but it’s a rumor that certainly has a lot of weight to it. Especially after today, when we got notice that DJI will be holding an event in New York City on May 24.

It’s all but confirmed by DJI, but rumors are suggesting that we will be seeing a brand new “selfie drone.” Expect a small and compact drone, but still the best possible specs. The price should be more affordable as well, targeting a different audience than DJI’s Phantom line.

We’ve seen a few leaked pictures of the DJI Spark. Here we have the possible DJI Spark (on the left) next to the already released DJI Mavic (on the right). Currently, the Mavic is the smallest drone that DJI offers.

Pricing should be very competitive for the Spark, aiming to compete with other drones in the category. If DJI can keep the price around $600 and keep picture quality up, then drones like Yuneec Breeze might have something to worry about.

Looking at the leaked pictures, it appears the Spark will be rechargeable via USB. This can help keep the ‘barrier of entry’ down and make it easier for newcomers. Removable propellers also seem to be a feature, however the Spark does not appear to have retracting the propeller arms that keep the Mavic so portable.

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Only time will tell what DJI have in store for us. What are you expecting from the DJI Spark? Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments.

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