It is only the most popular brands and products that get leaked images ahead of official announcement and launch, I guess that means DJI is popular. The product leaked this time is the DJI Spark, a compact drone that leaves us only speculating what role it will fill.

Measuring in at little more than 6-inches in width, 7-inches in length and what appears only a few inches tall, this is certainly a tiny machine, at least as far as DJI drones are concerned.

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There is actually little to say on the subject, speculated to be the DJI Spark, the images show a rigid design. The propeller arms do not appear to fold, a feature that helps keep the Mavic Pro at the top of our Best drones list. However, it looks like the same style of quick-release propellers are on-board, perhaps other Mavic Pro accessories will be supported.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing we see in these leaked images, the Spark may be rechargeable via USB cable. There is no doubt that the convenience of USB power and a compact design make for very appealing machines for most non-enthusiasts. Many selfie drones are springing up, (we have a list of the best of them coming very soon,) offering up almost pocket-able sizes and designs with up to 4K cameras.

The DJI Spark appears to have a fair sized, decently protected camera. It also looks to have a fair sized battery, all things considered. If those are the same propellers as the Mavic Pro, convenience would be on our side as well.

Stay tuned, we’ll follow the progression of this DJI Spark closely, we are very excited to learn more and to put another capable and compact drone in our collection.

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