If you live in New Zealand, there’s a chance that your next pizza delivery from Domino’s could be made by aerial drone. The new service is being provided via the DRU Drone from Flirtey to “select customers” of Domino’s in the country, but specific numbers and locations have not yet been revealed.

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The drone itself has been designed to deliver pizzas under a number of different weather conditions and flight paths in suburban locations. The DRU drone lowers its pizza cargo via tether for the final delivery. Welcome to the future.

Flirtey claims that 70 percent of Domino’s customers have indicated they would use this new service, and it doesn’t even require talking to a real person; it’s available via online ordering. The company expects to cut down the actual delivery time to about 10 minutes.

Of course, New Zealand is not exactly a heavily populated country, so it may be a while before Domino’s customers in the U.S. will get the chance to have their pizzas lowered to them by a flying drone. However, it’s clear that this trend is not going away and it may only be a matter of time before lots of Domino’s delivery jobs from people driving old-fashioned cars and scooters are rendered obsolete.

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