Our ever expanding list of drones covers the best machines you can put in the sky. From time to time, these machines will go on sale — There’s no point dragging this out, you want drone deals, here are the top drones for sale right now.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are drones so expensive?

There are a number of factors that make drones cost a little more than you might like. For starters, most drones use Lithium-Polymer batteries, instead of the less expensive Lithium-Ion technology. Extra care goes into building your drone, as safety is very important to most manufacturers. Many popular drones use the same camera sensors as you find in the latest smartphones – those phones cost $500 – $1500 to purchase, perhaps it is coincidence that drones cost around the same. As with phones, you can buy something for nearly any price bracket, but the best hardware simply has higher manufacturing costs.

When is the best time to buy a drone?

There are predictable times of the year when drones go on sale, Black Friday sales and Amazon’s Prime Day are good examples. Father’s Day is another popular sale day, but there are no other regular sale dates for drones. Watch for sales of all electronics, and you’ll probably find a drone sale as well. Also, keep tabs on this post, we’ll update whenever we find deals.

Should I buy drone extended warranty?

It is important to point out that extended warranty rarely covers damage to your drone, it usually only covers manufacturer defects or premature failures. Those same things will be covered with the standard 1-3 year warranty. What you are really buying with extended warranty plans is expedited service if something does go wrong. Perhaps that includes pre-paid fast shipping, and priority for repairs at their shop. Every coverage offering is different, and priced differently, carefully weigh the value of your time, and the replacements that you expect may be needed before you buy.

How much should I spend on drone accessories?

I’m glad you asked, after all, a drone is only fun when it’s in the air. To keep your drone in the sky, you’ll need power. Additional batteries are the first thing you’ll want to look at, but then you should look at chargers, to keep those batteries topped up. Propellers are decently fragile, you’ll likely damage more of them in transport than in crashes, either way, extra props are always a necessity to have on hand. The DJI Fly More combos cost roughly between $100 – $350, these kits include batteries, propellers, chargers, a bag, some cables, and more.

Like anything else, higher-end equipment costs more, you’ll find batteries for $5 for your toy craft, up to about $1,100 for major commercial equipment. Propellers are just a few pennies for your nano drone, and usually no more than $150 for big carbon fiber props. Again, we’ll assume that you’re flying a DJI drone, or something comparable, most Mavic batteries are $50 – $150, most Mavic props are $10 – $20. We can’t tell you how much to spend, but you’ll need a decent amount of cash when you’re budgeting your next drone purchase.

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