Delft University is know in these parts for building life saving drones, but they’re making the news for a plan to destroy drones. There will be fire, there will be drones attacking drones and there will be shredded pieces of plastic everywhere. All for science, of course.

DroneClash is an event to be held in December, pilots will try to survive horrific flying conditions, then take to dog-fights to destroy one another. Sounds friendly.

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The underlying premise is simple, the automotive world has crash testing, why can’t drones? Of course, car tests are not something we should be doing for ourselves at home, but we can build our own drones, so it would be prudent to crash them.

This sounds like an excuse to put a twist on drone racing, the hope is to inspire new ideas for drone safety. Safety in both the ability to withstand potentially devastating incidents and to prevent risk to people on the ground below.

Please note, if you are in the United States – or many other countries, of course – it would be unwise to setup your own similar event at the local park. Mostly, I want to take this opportunity to remind you that it is illegal to shoot or otherwise intentionally crash a drone in flight. We don’t have to like the FAA rules, but it is our responsibility to ensure that all aircraft, big or small, land safely.

What I’m saying is, take your own drone battles indoors with a protected pilot/spectator area. This is where you can legally perform your own drone flight scientific testing.

Delft University Anti-drone racing event, December, 2017.

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