With the abundance of toy and hobby drones on the market today, focused mostly on flight and photography, isn’t it time that we put these tools to good use? After all, these high speed flyers, some with extremely high-end cameras attached, make for a safe and quick way to see what that noise was in the back yard.

The Sunflower Home Awareness System from Sunflower Labs is an entire property security system that uses lights and cameras to detect any action.

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The core of the Sunflower Home Awareness System is the small solar lights that you distribute across your property. These inconspicuous lights are more than just sun powered pathway markers, they are each packed with sensors and work in conjunction to detect movement in your yard. From there, the system maps out your yard, when you finally deploy the drone to get a camera on the situation, the quadcopter is able to autonomously navigate to the point of disturbance.

For the starting price of $159 per light and $799 for the Flying Camera, the benefit, if you see it as such, is that there are no further monitoring fees as you’d experience with traditional security systems. Just keep in mind that taking home security into your hands has its limitations.

Getting back to the system, each solar light has more than a dozen sensors, designed to detect motion, vibration and sound. When a disturbance is detected, the lights will notify you via an app on your smartphone or tablet, giving you an accurate location of the disruption, allowing you to dismiss the alert or deploy the drone for further investigation.

If you dismiss the alert, the system will use that info to learn and evolve. Routine events, such as letting your dog out one last time before bed, will reduce the notifications, as one could simply become overwhelmed if notified of every coming and going of the family.

The drone itself, or Flying Camera as they call it, is equipped with an infrared light for night vision, so no matter what time of day there is something to check out, your autonomously flying quadcopter that uses the solar lights as marker points for navigation, can get you a closer look without having to stick your head out the window.

A live video feed transmits back to your phone or tablet, and the drone appears to fly above your standard roof level, so you can get a bird’s eye view of your property.

When can I buy Sunflower Home Awareness System?

For those interested, the system will ship next year, but pro-orders are open now. It’ll cost you $25 as a reservation fee, but that turns into a $100 credit on your final purchase. Head on over to their website to get more details and reserve your Sunflower Home Awareness System today.

Are you keen on the idea of using a camera drone for home security?

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