This is just a quick note about Drone Remote ID. The FAA has announced that it goes into effect on April 21, 2021.

We previously discussed all the details, please read all about Remote ID here.

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For those that did not click the link above, the short description is as follows:

  • All drones will have to broadcast their current location, as well as the location they took off at, or the location of the controller.
  • Part 107 certified pilots will be able to fly at night after taking the updated training.
  • Part 107 certified pilots will be able to fly over top of people and moving cars, in certain situations.

If you are not Part 107 certified, you may not fly over top of people or cars, and you may not fly at night.

Further, Part 107 certificate holders no longer have to take the recurring test every 24 months, there is online training available instead.

Bottom line, this is it, folks, most of the drones we currently own will have to be updated or replaced in order to be compliant with the rules going into place on April 21, 2021.

Fly safe!

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