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The drone Remote ID conversation is as important and heated as ever. We only have until March 2nd to let our voice be heard. While the concept of Remote ID sounds like a good thing, the exact proposed rule could be the end for many hobby pilots! You can speak up to protect your flights: Hit the link below to add a valuable comment for the FAA to read. Explain your situation and why you think the rule will be bad for you, then offer an example of how they can modify the rules to still offer the safety and security, but without ending your drone career.


FAA Remote ID of UAS proposed rule


The winter months can be fairly quiet for the drone market. In our part of the world it rains a lot, good thing we have the PowerVision PowerEgg X in-house for review, it has a waterproof shell. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.



???? Drone Remote ID is a valuable tool that we support. That said, we are just as worried as most of the drone industry about how the FAA proposes to implement things. As it sits, you’ll need to add a pricey, network-connected module to anything that flies. Again, Remote ID is important, but a simple broadcast could be cost effective and easy. Comment with the FAA before it’s too late. Learn more here


???? To the movies! Have you seen all of the movies on our list of the best drone movies? Make no mistake, these are not all about drones, some of the movies are just examples of drones in use or cool sci-fi tactics that we wish drones could do. Catch a movie tonight


???? 4K drones are the current standard for the best camera drones. We know there are 5K, 6K and now 8K drones hitting the sky, but this list of 4K drones may be more realistic for your needs today. Get ready to fly here


???? Popular drones may not be the best machines on the market, but we’ve been listening to you – here are the most popular drones on the market today, as voted by your views on the site What’s popular?


No drone zone – The FAA has a strategy and lists of of places you cannot fly in the United States. Most of these places just need authorization before you take-off, but others are completely restricted. Where can I fly?


PowerVision PowerEgg X initial thoughts


???? Pros: ???? Cons:
+ Camcorder mode is fun
+ Camera Gimbal has great range of movement
+ Sturdy build with solid materials
+ Object tracking works well
+ Waterproof shell  allows you to fly in the rain
+ Floats allow you to land on water
– Simple remote control
– Lots of pieces
– Screwdriver required to swap propellers


Bottom Line:

We’re not ready to talk about our flight experience with the PowerVision PowerEgg X, but we have to admit that we were very impressed with the machine as we were unboxing it. There are a lot of pieces, but that enables a lot of functions and portability. Attach the hand strap to hold the PowerEgg X like a football and use it like a camcorder. Be sure to attach the tripod mount to take that to the next level. From there, simply slide on the propeller arms and get ready to take to the sky. The remote control fits well in the hand and is easy to operate as well. An attractive drone package, particularly if you need to attach the floats and waterproof shell to go outside when the weather isn’t perfect.


Read about and order the PowerVision PowerEgg X here


Would you fly in a racing drone?

Flite Test Drone Champions League passenger drone


???? The folks at the Drone Champions League are taking things to the next level, would you take a seat in this F1 race car inspired passenger drone? Maybe not just yet, but the kinks should be worked out soon, we hope.


Check out the video

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