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Today we will be taking a quick look at three drone companies that have been utilizing the potential of drones and drone software. They are improving workflows, efficiency and lowering deployment costs for companies all over the world. Today we would like to introduce you to DroneSense, DroneSeed and Aerial Applications.

These companies have all been started with the intention of making the future a better place for all. This is the case from disaster relief all the way to asset placement for telecommunication companies.

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Fighting fires with DroneSense


DroneSense is a software drone company that started back in 2015. The founders saw the potential of drones in the public safety sector and decided to act on it. Ever since then, DroneSense has partnered with local fire brigades, police and other first responders to create a great set of drone applications available. DroneSense allows for everyone on scene to have access to flight data, which can then be made available to the public afterward.

A major use for DroneSense’s set of applications is in the wildfire scene. DroneSense’s applications are able to coordinate the efforts to put out fires around the world. DroneSense is able to do this as they have been working with various first responders to get drones into their hands. DroneSense has provided their set of drone applications to allow for recording, evaluating and control over the organisation’s pilots and drones. The end goal for DroneSense is for every first responder to have drones stationed and ready for use by the time the next emergency arises.

In a lesser role, they’ve teamed up with FLIR to assist law enforcement and emergency services with thermal camera equipped drones.

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If you are flying for pay, or any other form of compensation, you must operate under a different set of rules and possess a commercial drone license. We call it the Part 107, it’s not too hard to get, but it will take some time to learn all the rules. We want to help you learn the rules and get your commercial license, check out our drone pilot training material.

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New life with DroneSeed


DroneSeed is a drone company that is helping plant trees. They are using drones and streamlining the service to be safer, cheaper and more efficient than a crew of humans. DroneSeed captures data from their missions, which is proving very valuable for their customers’ continued re-forestation efforts.

DroneSeed has recently been planting trees in places not safe for humans. They have been taking their drone fleets to the sides of mountains and locations that aren’t accessible to humans. Not only is this allowing for organisations to keep their workers safe, it also allows for cheaper operational costs. This all leads to being able to have more trees and a better environmental future. They even fly in after the fact to check on growth and spray helpful chemicals or water, as needed. 

We’re liking what we are seeing so far from DroneSeed. Instead of creating a new market, they are finding ways to improve lives. A drone is a tool, after all, and we applaud DroneSeed for using these machines to help make the world a better place. 

Science of Flight series

We have plenty more to read if you are interested in the science of drone flight. We are not physicists, but we know just enough to explain some of the basic concepts of how drones operate, how they fly and how to do so effectively. Be sure to check out our other Science of Flight articles to learn more.

Aerial Applications: The Google of drones?


Aerial Applications is a software company that focuses on turning your drone data into valuable insights to allow for a more efficient workflow. Their main business is analyzing your drone data, then organizing it so you can easily review it. These insights should help you better plan for your next mission.

Aerial Applications works a lot for the telecommunications market. They are able to map out a company’s assets, analyze the positioning of those assets and figure out the best location for new assets. In the even of a disaster or outages, they can help quickly analyze the situation to identify and prioritize the key assets to get back online first. This can save companies millions of dollars each year, due to the price of lost service time due to damaged or destroyed assets.

Wrap up

The drone market is growing quickly and there is no sign of stopping. As more and more companies see the potential in drones, and related software becomes cheaper and more efficient, the industry will only continue to grow.

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