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The FAA has given over one hundred thousand Remote Pilot Certificates to eligible drone enthusiasts all around America.

Exciting right, not really. This only makes up a small percentage of drones in the sky as the Remote Pilot Certificates is not required for recreational use.

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The drone laws

If you are wanting to fly your drone for fun or as a hobby you are required to register with the FAA to receive your operator’s number. This will cost you $5. If you intend to fly more than one drone, you need to attach the same number to all of them. The FAA recommends going for your Part 107.

If you are wanting to earn money flying your drone, either by being directly paid or earning commission from your work. The FAA requires you to take the Part 107 test. You will receive your pilot’s license. This will cost you $150 in most states to write the test, and you can look for third-party training ahead of time – like from Drone Pilot Ground School – if you want help learning before you write. For every drone you intend to fly commercially, you must first register it with the FAA at the cost of $5 per drone. This provides a unique registration number for each craft, that must be affixed to the drone before you fly.

If you are flying for pay, or any other form of compensation, you must operate under a different set of rules and possess a commercial drone license. We call it the Part 107, it’s not too hard to get, but it will take some time to learn all the rules. We want to help you learn the rules and get your commercial license, check out our drone pilot training material. or head straight over to learn more about the full drone pilot training at Drone Pilot Ground School. 
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Wrap up

The FAA brought their Remote Pilot Certificate into effect in mid-2016. Since then, commercial pilots have been popping up everywhere. Do you think the FAA should make everyone flying a drone get a Part 107? Share your thoughts in the comments below or head over to our social media accounts.

What’s next?
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