Drone Pilot Ground School flash sale

We’ve been partners with the folks at Drone Pilot Ground School for a while now, naming them our favorite training company for drone Part 107 training. The class is usually $299, but you can get it for just $192 right now, in celebration of their five year anniversary.

Congrats to Drone Pilot Ground School, of course, and a big thanks to them for helping us all save some money on the journey to our drone piloting career. Act fast, the deal is for this weekend only, ending October 13th, 2019.

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Why do I need Part 107 training?

If you have a drone and you plan to fly for pay, or in any way to be compensated for your efforts in the sky, that is a commercial operation. That’s right, the FAA is very clear about this, you are either flying for fun or you are flying for pay. Even flying for fun and then uploading your video to YouTube to collect ad revenue is a commercial operation in the FAA’s books. In order to pilot a drone for commercial operations, you need to first obtain your Part 107 certification. That’s why you need to consider this class.

It is true, you can read through the info provided by the FAA to self-study for the exam, many have, but there is little compromise for learning from someone that has been there and passed the test. The folks at Drone Pilot Ground School have been there. As have we, mind you, but they offer more than just some thoughts and simple guidance, their program goes beyond the test, helping you to become not just a certified pilot, but a competent pilot as well.

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Fort those that are not looking to fly for pay, we have some basic training material to help you become a safe pilot, but you do not have to pass any tests at this time. You do need to register your drone with the FAA before you can fly, and obtain authorization if flying in controlled airspace, but no tests, yet.

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Now that you’re getting legal, need a new drone?
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