Flight Evolved is helping save California from wildfires, using drones to collect critical data from the sky. Flight Evolved is joining the fire fight by way of predictive and precautionary measures. Paving the way for safer navigation of the ground for crews when fires break out, and helping prevent fires in the first place by identifying potential hazards.

Flight Evolved is using larger drones with multiple payloads to survey the landscape. This data is put to use by the utility companies, using the info to identify overgrown infrastructure and other hazards such as blocked roadways and landslides. The idea of using drones for good makes us happy. Flight Evolved has their own spin on data management, and they are using some popular and powerful payloads to get this job done.

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What does Flight Evolved do?

Flight Evolved has its headquarters in San Diego, along with remote locations around the United States. The drone work that Flight Evolved performs ranges from asset management to wildfire risk mitigation — in general, they perform drone mapping and surveying services. They can implement these scans from the ground or off of vehicles as well.

Flight Evolved gains data from LiDAR and other scanners placed on the drones. The LiDAR scanners are able to capture large amounts of data, and the larger UAS can mount two systems for extra coverage. The data is then remapped into a virtual world, creating a high-quality replica of the real world area. Visual photos are placed over the data points to create a photo-realistic image, allowing for easy to understand data. This 3D photogrammetry model offers an important view that can be used to make decisions on the necessary actions to protect from catastrophic situations, such as wild fires.


Flight Evolved is focused on giving their clients an end-to-end solution, providing and flying the drones to collect the data, through to providing the visual representation of the target area. The important part is that clients receive easily interpreted data, allowing efficient decisions to be made based on the area and all potential obstacles, such as blocked roads and power lines.

As we’ve mentioned, there are many drone companies getting involved in fire fighting efforts. We applaud Flight Evolved and all the others that are helping save lives and protect homes and businesses on the ground.

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Wrap up

Do you think more public agencies should be using drones and LiDAR technology to inspect high-risk areas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or head over to our social media accounts.

What’s next?
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