AADeals Force Flyer building block toy drones star wars and lego knockoff

Looking for a fun toy drone for your child? Like building with Lego? How do you feel about Star Wars? The Force Flyer series of building block drones might just be the ticket. These are not official merchandise, but they are compatible with Lego and other building block systems, and they actually fly.

These drones will never make it to one of our best lists, but the novelty is worth talking about.

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Force Flyer building block drones

True Star Wars fans should probably look at the Propel series of Star Wars drones. The Force Flyers are a fun take on things, but the main reason we are talking about them is the potential for STEM learning. Look, when I was growing up, it was just called “playing with lego,” but if the act of building a machine, applying power, setting up a control system and putting it to work are labeled ‘STEM,’ then I’m all for it.

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Built of plastic, these little machines offer upwards of 10 minutes of flight from a 600mAh battery, can do flips and self-right themselves with a 6-axis gyro and are good for about 200 ft. As we say, if you view them strictly as drones, they are on par with the toy market, but have a high price tag, even on sale. Of course, the fact that they are made of building blocks means you can do a lot more with them! We’d love to see what you dream up and manage to get flying with these sets.

The Force Flyers are available in four styles, Regular, Side Winder, Snow Shooter, and Destroyer. Two look like Resistance pilots, one looks like a Clone and one looks like an AT-AT Clone Storm Trooper pilot combined.

This deal comes to us today from the AA-Deals store from our friends over at Android Authority. The drones are $39.99 on sale, regularly $59.99, and are expected to ship at the end of the month.

Looking for something more substantial?
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