IBM Ryze Tello contest

The Ryze Tello is a fun little drone. Packed with DJI hardware and sold on the DJI web store, it is a super machine for hobby pilots and is packed with educational tools for STEM learning. It’s fantastic then that IBM is giving a few of them away.

The giveaway is effective now and runs until all 1,500 drones are given away. Your chance to get one centers around coding using IBM’s Watson super computer for some AI work.

The contest is running now, open to the U.S., Canada, Spain and the UK.

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IBM offers several tutorials for coding experience, tasks to try out before and after you get your hands on a Tello drone. The projects center around things like search and rescue tasks. The lead sample is to use Watson Visual Recognition to view storm damage of an area. Not exactly the type of footage you’ll capture with a Tello drone, but the concept is solid.

Ryze Tello DJI toy drone

The Ryze Tello comes in several different packages and a couple versions. The base purchase gets you the drone alone, you use your phone as a controller. There is a package with the controller added, the Boost package with additional batteries, a STEM learning package designed for education and custom coding the flight characteristics. There is also the Tello Iron Man Edition, that is as much fun as it sounds.

Enter the IBM contest today for your chance to take home on of 1,500 Ryze Tello drones.

If you luck out on the contest, or just want to snag the Tello now, the base package Ryze Tello is $99 normally, but watch for deals for as low as $79.

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