It looks like DJI is gearing up to announce a new drone. A bunch of photos along with a short video of the upcoming device, reportedly called the Spark, have made their way online.

The images reveal that the Spark is very compact, as it’s even smaller that the Mavic Pro with the prop arms extended. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same foldable design as the Mavic Pro, but given its already small size, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

It comes equipped with a camera that’s mounted on a gimbal and it appears that you can only tilt it up or down. If you want to capture something on the left or the right side of the drone, you’ll have to rotate it in order to get the shot.

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One of the images also reveals a panel on the front positioned above the camera, that could potentially hide an obstacle avoidance sensor. This would make sure that the drone won’t hit a wall or a different object while in the air and crash down to the ground.

Based on its size, the Spark might be marketed as a selfie drone. Other rumors claim that it could be used for racing, which is also possible at this point. Nothing has been confirmed or denied yet, as DJI hasn’t shared any info regarding the device with the public yet.

Therefore, we don’t know exactly how much it will retail for, but we do expect that it will cost less than the Mavic Pro, which is priced at $1,000. The official reveal date also remains a mystery for now, but given the fact that the images of the device have already leaked, we probably won’t have to wait for much longer before it gets announced.

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