After acquiring Mobileye, Intel has bolstered their partnership with BMW, the pair have just announced that their automated cars are ready to hit the road. The BMW 7 Series cars will go through on-road testing soon.

Announced in California, Intel says the full fleet of forty cars should be on the road by the end of the year.

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Other players in this game include Delphi, Ericsson and HERE, the mapping software formerly owned by Nokia. Intel’s new Advanced Vehicle Lab brings together some major efforts to put smart cars on the road.

For these Mobileye equipped BMW 7 Series cars, however, we’re not talking full autonomy. While equipped with cameras, Lidar, Radar and more, it appears Intel is set to follow their mobile strategy on this one. What I mean to say is, they appear to be taking it slow and steady, hopefully they do not fall as far behind in this segment.

We already know that BMW is doing well with autonomous cars, hopefully that helps this partnership put cars on in the hands of consumers soon.

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