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DJI Inspire


The DJI Inspire rapidly became a dream drone for many, with retracting landing gear and more, it is just a cool drone.

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Few drones captured the reputation of being a monster of a drone quite like the DJI Inspire. We call it now the Inspire 1, to differentiate it from the newer Inspire 2, but it’s still that same killer drone that got people excited. The retractable landing gear, 360 articulating camera gimbal and design captured imaginations. Sadly, the drone gained popularity through a bunch of drone crash videos, but in the industry, it marked the beginning of being able to access a superb drone for a price that a consumer can handle.

High speeds, superb cameras, a unique drone design and more sold for a price well above double what you can snag it for today. Check out the DJI Inspire 1 for about $1229 today. As a discontinued drone, stock and prices may fluctuate.


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