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The GDU O2 appears the perfect competitor to the DJI Mavic Air, with similar specs, features and price tag.


The GDU O2 announced at a very important time in the consumer drone market. DJI was experiencing great success with the Mavic Pro and had just released the Spark. The GDU O2 bridged the gap in specs and price between these two drones. Unfortunately for GDU, they experienced production delays, giving DJI time to release the Mavic Air. You’ll be hard-pressed to find many differences between the GDU O2 and Mavic Air when you read the spec sheet. This remains true when running down the features list as well.

Despite the similarities, and the valiant effort, the GDU O2 could not keep up with the DJI Mavic Air in sales or video quality. Compound that with above average reported battery and gimbal failures, we’re sad that the O2 is not everything it appeared it was.

GDU has held firm on their price, the GDU O2 was $732 at launch, and remains so today. They have silently released the GDU O2 Plus as well, with extended remote connectivity range.


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