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GDU Byrd Premium


The GDU Byrd Premium and Byrd Premium 2.0 are a thrill to fly. Large powerful drones, but look to newer machines for updated camera capabilities.


GDU is proud that they were one of the first to launch a folding drone. Their quadcopter design allows the arms to fold against the body of the craft, and the landing gear folds up to the belly for a greatly reduced size for transport. That said, the GDU Byrd line of drones, with the Byrd, Byrd Premium and the Byrd Premium 2.0 are still quite large. The Byrd Premium and 2.0 are powerful and fast machines, a thrill to fly. The stabilized 4K camera is well supported, and was good for its time.

Age catches up with all of us, and the GDU Byrd line is no exception. You can still find the machines for sale, but the newer GDU O2 is a much smaller machine with better camera results. The large drone is a hard sell.

Check out the GDU Byrd Premium for $1,049 on Amazon today.


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