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Building on the original IFO, the newer UVify IFO-S puts powerful computing and robust payloads on the same platform. Swarm drones for search & rescue and more.

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When UVify launched their entertainment drone, the IFO, they took a carbon fiber frame and attached a big LED light to it. The drone itself is simple at first glance, ignoring the advanced computing and GPS tech to help it fly in a swarm. A few months after that, they announced the UVify IFO-S. Using the same frame, they upgraded the on-board computer, added mounting points for an array of payloads and accessories, then programmed it to be a bit smarter.

If for no other purpose, the UVify IFO-S offers a superb search and rescue experience. One drone alone is a good start — Attach vision and infrared cameras then start the search. With the IFO-S, the “S” stands for swarm, which means that a dozen, a few dozen, how about a hundred of these drones taking to the sky to find a lost hiker or seek out a fleeing criminal. I think you see the point.

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