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UVify’s first drone-as-a-service platform is for the UVify IFO, a powerful drone for light shows. Lease a group of these stacking quadcopters to start your drone entertainment business.

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It’s a bird? It’s a plane…. I’ll stop there, this is the Identified Flying Object from UVify, a business class drone ready to put you to work. You read that right, the UVify IFO is a powerful, if simple, drone by itself, but when you put 20 or more of them together, light shows are soon to follow. Advanced connectivity and as much battery life as they could manage is packed on top of a huge led light, then you stack the drones together when charging to reduce travel woes.

UVify will sell you an IFO drone, but that’s not the idea. Instead, take advantage of their business package, for a monthly fee, you get a minimum of twenty IFO drones and a no-nonsense replacement program. One simple fee puts a full drone entertainment business in your hands. Now you just need to find customers, make sure you abide by all the laws, acquire the proper waivers, and put those drone into the sky.

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