Drones aren’t really a mass market product yet. They are mostly used by creators on YouTube and other videographers for filming purposes. These flying objects can be very expensive, as a good drone, like the DJI Mavic or the GoPro Karma, can set you back a thousand bucks or more.

But Samsung obviously still sees an opportunity in this industry, with the company filing a patent for its first drone back in April. The patent was recently spotted online by the Dutch website Galaxy Club and it shows pictures of the futuristic-looking drone from Samsung.


It features a circular design with a large fan hidden in the middle of the device. Although it might look silly at first, the design makes the drone a lot safer in the air. It won’t crash to the ground as soon as it hits a tree or something similar, as the propeller is safely hidden inside. The drone has foldable legs which makes it more compact and easier to carry around and also features an integrated camera at the bottom.

It’s currently not known when, or even if, Samsung will officially announce this device. Although the company is best known for its smartphones, it’s active in almost every consumer electronics product category. t only seems natual that making a drone is the next logical step for the South Korean giant.

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What do you think of the spaceship-like design of Samsung’s drone? Do you like it, or are the DJI Mavic and GoPro Karma more practical?

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