Do you remember the Skydio R1? The autonomous and obstacle avoiding drone. The Skydio team have been working hard on an SDK allowing you to do some cool things with the Skydio R1, like code your own flight path or obstacle avoidance algorithms. Not only this, they have a new version of the drone available, with a new low price.

Is this the time, are these the features the Skydio R1 needed to land in your personal drone airport?

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A deeper look at the Skydio SDK

Skydio R1 in hand at InterDrone 2018

For the past few months, the Skydio team have been working to create an SDK. That gives users and developers the ability to customize their Skydio R1 to do some amazing things. Access to all the sensors, cameras and more give you in-depth controls of the drone. Basic usage allows you to control flight parameters, such as speed and follow distance, more advanced usage will allow you to modify routes and create custom reactions to various obstacle situations.

The Skydio SDK is currently only available to select partners and will have an invite-only beta coming soon. Check Skydio’s website for more information.

Let’s have some fun with the Skydio R1

The Skydio R1 will have a set of new ‘smart modes,’ like the ones found on DJI’s latest drones. Rocket and Dronie to name a few. The skills SDK will also allow for new ‘smart modes’ to be created as well.

Skydio booth at InterDrone 2018

The Skydio SDK will also allow the creation of your own dynamic flight paths, all while avoiding obstacles that get in the drones way. Imagine creating one take cinematic videos with the Skydio R1 while not having to worry about the drone at all.

Talking business with the Skydio R1

As well as some fun new modes, the Skydio SDK allows the Skydio R1 to leave the consumer sector and take over the commercial sector.

The mobile SDK allows developers to take advantage of all the drones sensors, processors and the camera to create applications varying from filming a fast-paced movie to the inspection of assets.

Skydio R1 at InterDrone 2018

The Skydio Simulator allows developers to test new builds and features in a software environment, creating a safer and quicker implementation. This includes new features you are adding to your Skydio R1 application.

Wrap Up

Does this make you want to get a Skydio R1? What would you do if you had access to the Skydio SDK? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or head over to our social media accounts.

What’s next?
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