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We already know that Tesla is up to big things no matter what they do. Considering most of their projects are electric, it should be no surprise that their battery production facility is large as well. Recent aerial photos of the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada give a feel of just how large.

We’re talking about football fields here, folks, Gigafactory 1 is a major facility, and it’s still getting bigger.

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Teslarati offers up the photos, taken by NM Group, giving us a great look at the entire facility. En-route to its 5.8 million square foot expected build, this is already a multi-billion dollar set of buildings, and if you look close, construction continues.

Tesla is tight-lipped about exactly what goes on inside the buildings, but the early focus was battery production. The Tesla Powerwall and Powerpacks are serious builds, but, of course, it is the cells built for their electric cars that keep us most excited.

The biggest manufacturing item we are looking forward to is the Model 3. Recent Model 3 test drives tell us the car is in production, at least in small capacity, but operations will possibly swing over to this Gigafactory soon. With over 400,000 orders to fill, we suspect a lot of people and resources will be working on the cars very soon.

The newly constructed sections of the Tesla Gigafactory are looking good, can’t wait to see what comes next.

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