Tesla’s Model S comes in a variety of colors already, but we’ve seen some customers who want to get a little more attention from their fully-electric sports car. We’ve seen custom painted purple roadsters and a few pink variants as well, but I’d be lying if I said we’ve come across a chrome-gold Model S.

This car is owned by long time Tesla-lover Kenneth Tong, who apparently loves painting his car in different flashy variants. Just 2 years ago, he painted the same P85D chrome silver to give it a futuristic Tron-like look. He even made sure his tire rims were matte black to show off the coating even more. While that paint job seemed flashy enough, Tong wanted to give it another go to make it stand out as much as possible, and gold seemed like the next plausible step.

The paint job was done by wrapping the car in a glossy black shell so that none of the original silver chrome would show through the new layer, then painting it to get a solid gold finish. It was done by Unltd Media in Montreal, who said that Tong’s paint job was a long process that was well worth it in the end.

The car has another special feature not present on other Tesla vehicles, though. The back of the vehicle has an illuminated “T” logo which reflects beautifully against the chrome finish. When illuminated in tandem with the model T’s already fantastic-looking brake lights, the car looks like a Christmas tree blazing in orange and red. It really is a solid piece of art.

Would you ever think of doing something like this to your car? It’s a bit gaudy for me, but I can see the appeal for someone that has a lot of pride for their mode of transportation.

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