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With more than a few drones at our disposal, there is one that we fly more than any other these days, the UVify OOri. This compact racing machine is not made for high flying aerial photography, nor to deliver packages, it’s just for fun, and best flown indoors.

We’ve had our OOri in hand for about a year now. We’ve flown enough to completely burn out one battery, good thing we got the multi-battery package, and it has a few bumps on it. Since it is so small and agile, it is safe to fly indoors. Over the winter months, it can be tough to get outside to fly the bigger drones, but it’s always sunny in my living room.

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Today, the UVify OOri is on sale for $295 on Amazon. That’s a $50 savings over the lowest price we’ve seen before.

Uvify OOri mini drone lights

For this price you get the base package, that’s the drone, one battery and the remote control. The box has a few extra propellers and the tools to remove the prop guards, if that’s your thing. Extra batteries are inexpensive, which you might consider if you like to fly a bunch.

OOri gets about 5 minutes per battery. I know that sounds rough to the camera drone pilots out there, but you must keep in mind that OOri is a race drone trainer. In the racing world, 5 minutes is a really, really long race.

For my time, the UVify OOri has proven extremely reliable and resilient. I crash it almost every time I fly it. As I said, there are a few bruises on it, but purely cosmetic. I’ve never broken anything, and it fires up and flies true every time.

Grab your UVify OOri for $295 today.

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