Two pieces of drone news have crossed our desk, one is a sale on racing gear over at UVify, the other is a Kickstarter campaign for new lenses and filters for your DJI Mavic 2 drones. Not a bad way to start a Tuesday morning.

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UVify sale

UVify Flash Sale

It’s our guess that UVify may be focusing their racing efforts on their Draco platform. We’ve seen a price drop on their Warp9 platform already this year, and this sale is at blowout pricing. The frame for this custom racing drone is selling for well under half price.

The other part of the sale is the fun Avegant Glyph Headset, this VR headset doubles as headphones and adds a ton to fun to your FPV drone experience. The headset is also selling for well under half price.

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Moment Air platform for drones

Moment Air Kickstarter campaign

We generally stay away from crowd-funded campaigns until the products are in the hands of consumers, but we’re pretty sure these new Moment products have a future. The Kickstarter for the new Moment Air platform: Anamorphic lenses, filters and phone cases, all for drones, began in the morning of July 9th, 2019. At this time, just a few hours after start, the campaign is 94% funded.

The new Moment Air platform includes a wrap-around, clamp-on Anamorphic lens for either your DJI Mavic 2 Pro or DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. Out of the box, these drone shoot at a 16:9 aspect ratio, your standard 4K video capture. Add on the Anamorphic lens to capture in a much more cinematic 2.39:1 format — for ease, that’s a tad wider than 21:9, perfect for viewing on your new super-wide computer monitor.

Next in the Moment Air platform are easily interchangeable filters. Your standard set of filters are available, with a range of ND filters and a Polarizer to make those blues stand out. The bundle includes:

  • Circular Polarizer filter
  • 4-stop ND filter
  • 8-stop ND filter
  • 16-stop ND filter
  • 32-stop ND filter
  • 64-stop ND filter

Filters like these may be boring to talk about, but the results on your footage can make your $1500 drone look like it has a $3000 camera. Play with filters, folks, you’ll appreciate the results.

Moment Air Polarizer filter

Moment Air is more than direct drone accessories, they’re also launching a new phone case. This is a slim case, made to fit in your drone controller. It also has a Moment M lens mount, so you can take your smartphone photography to new levels as well.

There are more accessories in the works for the Moment Air line. Some of your orders in the Kickstart campaign come with a folding drone landing pad, for example. They have a little tease that they may be working on a drone backpack, but that’s just us reading in-between the lines.

Check out the Moment Air Kickstart Campaign where a minimum $99 pledge will get you into a filter set.

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