Yuneec has announced that they have teamed with Pix4D to install Pix4Dcapture on all Yuneec H520 hexacopter drones. This puts superior mapping and flight planning software on one of the top commercial drones on the market today.

The announcement was on April 5th, and the software is already rolling out.

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Yuneec has always put their best software forward on the H520 drone. The ST16s controller is a powerful Android device with everything you need to ensure a safe and effective flight. Things only get better with the new Pix4D software.

Pix4D is a leading mapping and 3D modeling software company in the drone industry, we’re glad to see them officially teaming up with big drone manufacturers. Pix4D capture is a software suite that provides new mission types to the H520.

Two main missions are available, grid and double grid. These are self-piloted flight plans that cover an area as defined on a map. Control everything from flight pattern, altitude, camera angles, speed and much more within a geofenced area. Once your mission is going, keep tabs on the drone via map view or FPV view from the drone.

Pix4Dcapture collects photos and video from the sky that you can then view on the ST16s controller, or send through the modeling software to produce professional maps.

Pix4Dcapture will ship with all new H520 purchases, and will roll out to all existing H520 owners as a software update very soon. This is a great value for your professional flights.

Do you have the Pix4Dcapture update yet for your Yuneec H520?

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