We have reached a point where new drones are easily categorized in several ways, by size, weight, capability and more. In this list, we’re going to explore some of the best mini drones – compact flying machines that may not be as budget friendly as our nano drones list.

With many small drones to choose from, we’re trying to find that sweet spot between nano and machines large enough to have formerly required FAA registration.

Nano drones

We respect that many of you may have landed on this mini drones list looking for nano drones. You were not wrong to do so, we just mostly keep them somewhere else. Simple enough, you are but a click away from viewing our best nano drones list.

DJI Spark

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It may come as no surprise that DJI’s little Spark quadcopter is on this list. The small drone offers up easy hand-held carrying and use, it’s small enough to squeeze in a small bag or large pocket and you can even leave your mobile device behind, the DJI Spark can be flown by hand gestures alone.

To get the most out of the DJI Spark you’ll want more than just the drone on your travels, but at least the option exist. Recharge by micro USB cable, utilize new automated flight modes and enjoy a handful of selfie camera modes and more.

DJI Spark unboxing and setup
DJI Spark announced – all the details
Hands-on first impressions

Check out the DJI Spark for $499 alone, or allow us to recommend you grab a bag, extra battery and more in the DJI Spark Fly More combo for $699.

Hubsan X4 H502S Desire

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The Hubsan X4 Desire, H502S, is a highly capable little machine equipped with GPS, FPV camera, an FPV display built into the remote and more. As one of the higher-end machines in the Hubsan stables, the H502S Desire is a capable flier with a reasonable price tag. We again stretch the concept of ‘mini’ in this recommendation, but it is fairly small and well worth your consideration.

Check out the Hubsan H502S X4 Desire for $130 on Amazon today.

Parrot Mambo

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Parrot has many small drones in the toy-class segment, including the Mambo. Mambo is the size of machine that carries around sticky notes or cubes of sugar. It is larger than the nano drones we’ve looked at before, but not by much. This is a fun toy with optional clamp and toy ball launcher.

Check out the Parrot Mambo for $97 on Amazon today.

Hubsan Q4 H111D

Candidate for Best nano drones list

The plain Hubsan H111 is one of our top picks in the nano drone space, but the updated Q4 H111D with FPV camera is a little larger and a whole lot more capable. Specifically, they’ve added headless mode and the camera is just a little 280p shooter, but for FPV flying on the 4.3-inch display in the remote control, that’s good enough.

Check out the Hubsan Q4 H111D FPV for $100 on Amazon today.

ZeroTech Dobby

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Straight out of our stunt drones list, the ZeroTech Dobby is a small drone for sure. Able to fly by remote or your mobile device, we like the Dobby for the ability to choreograph multiple of these drones at once in the air. Local laws apply, but an aerial dance can be fun to see.

Check out the ZeroTech Dobby for $299 on Amazon today.

Hubsan H107C-HD

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Hubsan makes the list again with the H107 series. As one of the best toy class drones on the market, the H107C-HD is one of the more capable in the line, including a 720p camera and more. If your budget is below $50, this may be the one for you.

Check out the Hubsan H107C-HD for $39.99 on Amazon today.

Walkera Rodeo 110

Racers, start your engines! There is much that is not relevant to drone racing in that statement, but that did not stop Walkera from building this mini speeding machine. The Walkera Rodeo 110 is less than half the size of most racing drones, including all the pros and cons that that entails. Basically, you’re getting all the fun with half the carry weight.

Check out the Walkera Rodeo 110 for $189 on Amazon today.

Upcoming: Kudrone

The folks behind Kudrone had a wildly successful crowd-funding campaign very recently. Promising a highly capable flier in a small package, they certainly have some new competition on the market with the DJI Spark and others. The hand-sized Kudrone should be shipping soon, stay tuned for more on that.

That’s all we have for today folks, thank you for joining us on this exploration of mini drones. Larger than the nano drones out there, and certainly not lacking in features, we think you can find great value in many of these flying options.

What is your favorite mini drone?

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