There are many out there, companies from around the globe that design and build the best quadcopters and drones for us to fly at home. It would be an exhaustive task to compile a list of all of the manufacturers out there, so we’re going to focus on a few of our favorite.

Join us for a simple list, a list of the top drone manufacturers on the market today.

We will regularly update this post with links to more drone manufacturers as we go. This update includes a tease for two more companies we are researching right now. Stay tuned for our Autel Robotics and Walkera guides, coming soon.

While we greatly respect many of the high-end professional and commercial drones that have price tags well beyond $10,000, we’ll mostly be sticking with manufacturers with smaller price points. On the bottom end, we know you can grab a $30 drone from even the local grocery store, but we will be include very few manufacturers at that range as well.

Our goal is to always steer you toward the best drones on the market. At this time in the lifecycle of retail UAS, you’re looking at about $300+ to get something that flies well, $500+ to get something that takes great photos and $800+ for something that takes great video. This is not a written rule, just a generalization, a guideline to help curb your expectations.

Before we dive in, what do you need to fly?

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Now, let’s get started with the manufacturers. This list is simple, click on any of the company links below to see their full line of drones and related gear. The list is in no particular order. Be sure to check back to see what new manufacturers we’ve added to our list.

We’re just getting started and will add as many respectable companies as we can as time goes on. Please hit the comments below if there is a brand you would like us to explore.

Drone manufacturers

DJI Drones

DJI Drones Guide

DJI Drones DJI is probably the best well known name in drones on the market today. They developed the often imitated, iconic designed Phantom drone. They’ve also made the market leading Mavic Pro, drone of the moment Spark and many professional and commercial drone applications use the Spreading Wings or Matrice drones. Point is, DJI has been hard at work creating strong drone offerings in many segments, and it’s paying off.

Aside from adding features well beyond what most of us will use for any given flight, DJI is constantly adding value to their products through new accessories or software features.

Hubsan Drones

Hubsan Drones Guide

Hubsan Drones GuideHubsan is one of the top manufacturers of toy-class drones. They do offer higher-end solutions, but their sub-$100 offerings are some of the best machines you can fly. From the H107 to the H502 you get stable flight and responsive controls up to GPS routing and HD cameras.

With a few base frames making up the bulk of their many offerings, be sure to look through for the size you want and then the feature set that works best for your needs.

Parrot Drones

Parrot Drones Guide

Parrot Drones GuideParrot is best known for its Bebop drone, a cylindrical piece of plastic and foam that makes up an easy to fly drone. They are on to the Bebop 2 now, and have been adding value to it through software offerings and additional accessories. Less known in their lineup are the VTOL fixed wing craft and the many small toy crafts.

With a larger selection of well thought out toy drones than you might imagine, Parrot has a drone for almost any child, and for the adults as well.

Yuneec Drones

Yuneec Drones Guide

Yuneec Drones GuideYuneec is a, well, unique company in the market. They offer a well equipped toy-class drone, the Breeze, but the majority of their offerings are for higher-end camera drone needs. Their machines are mostly fairly large, even if they fold down for transport, and get great battery life while hauling decently large cameras into the sky. Adding Intel RealSense visioning systems to some of the drones adds serious power to their object avoidance and detection capabilities.

Autel Robotics drones

Autel Robotics Drones guideAnother name with a rich history in flight, Autel Robotics puts many craft into the air, but maybe only a few consumer level crafts. Primarily, you’re looking at the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium, which, all on its own, is drone enough for us to justify a post. With a focus on different types of craft, including a handful of nifty fixed wing machines for field inspection, or just for fun.

On the higher end of things, Autel Robotics is focusing on VTOL craft, able to soar long distances at high speeds. Hit the button to learn more.

Walkera drones guide

Around these parts, we mostly credit Walkera for having some of the best ready-to-fly racing drones, but we often forget to give credit for their toy-class and professional grade flying machines. Their best machine, the Voyager, is employed by police forces for surveillance and more. The high quality 4K camera with monster zoom lens puts an eye in the sky the way only a full size helicopter could do before.

Walkera drones guide – coming soon

Cheap Drones Guide – guidelines for getting started

Cheap Drones Guide

Beginner kids cheap DronesWe know this is not a manufacturer, but we spent a good deal of time turning this article into an ideal ‘getting started’ guide for first time pilots. We covered many of the obstacles you will face for your first time piloting, and some specifics for the smaller and least expensive drones that you can buy.

You’ll have to follow through to our Best cheap drones list for the drones that are cheap, for now we just wanted to share this handy piloting guide.

Drone manufacturer wrap up

Please check back for more of your favorite drone manufacturers. We are always actively building this list and welcome your input, just hit the comments to let us know the company you want to see next.

We are currently working on adding Autel Robotics and Walkera drones, with many of the other manufacturers close on their heels.

Who is your favorite drone manufacturer? Do you have brand loyalty when it comes to drones?

What’s next? The best drones, of course!

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