There is a new drone about to be on the market, it’s fast, it’s easy to fly and it’s hugely capable. The AirDog ADII has met its funding goals! There is still a few hours left to pre-order your action sports drone before the campaign closes.

If you do not order now, with a decent savings, you’ll need to wait for the holiday season to order your new drone.

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We met up with the folks from AirDog a while ago, our demo of the ADII action sports drone was very impressive. If nothing else, the autonomy of this flying machine is the key to its success. Just attach the leash to your wrist, a Bluetooth connected device, and the drone will all but automatically follow you around.

There are a handful of flight modes, all of which are based on your action sports activities, just select a mode and go. Otherwise, you can configure a GPS waypoint route for the drone to follow, which it will do using you as the guide to set the pace. Catch our full demo by clicking the button, or just check out the video for now, time’s tickin’.

Bottom line, the AirDogg ADII is one of the best drones I’ve ever tried at keeping you in frame with their follow-me mode.

Later this fall the AirDog ADII will sell for about $1500, but the Kickstarter campaign is running until the early morning hours of August 11th where you can pre-order for as low as $1099.

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