Airspace Systems Drone Hunter

Drones are getting everywhere these days and they’re not always welcome, so now the Airspace Systems drone hunter is ready to catch rogue drones and bring them down to Earth.

Anybody can buy a drone for a few hundred dollars these days and the picture quality just keeps getting better. That means they’re turning up everywhere and that includes major sporting events, political rallies, concerts and even military installations.

Now the military will take no prisoners and will likely blast the offending item to dust, but that just isn’t an option when the public have turned out en masse. It simply won’t do to send up surface to air missiles during the Superbowl, but illegal footage could be a serious problem for the broadcasters and the event organizers.

Total net coverage, and capture

So the Airspace Systems drone is a clever alternative, because it catches the offending drone in a net and brings it safely to the ground. Even the military might want to use these, so they can grab the evidence.

The Airspace is autonomous and can handle the whole guard duty on its own using machine vision and deep learning, or an operator can pick out a drone with a mobile app and send the flying attack dog to subdue the invader.

It’s aimed at the military, law enforcement and private security teams handling major events. We can’t help thinking it would be seriously twisted fun to bring down the drones that are clogging up the skies in the middle of yet another aerial tour of the city destined for Youtube. But then maybe that’s our sadistic streak coming through.

There’s no word on the price yet, or the release date. But we think Airspace Systems might be on to a winner with this drone hunting air wolf.

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