[best-chart id=”12708,16188,12748,12812,18201″ topper-text=”Mavic,Inspire,Parrot,Hex,Commercial” topper-icon=”award,camera,trophy,medal,road” title=”Best zoom drones”]

When it comes to drones with zoom lenses, we’re talking about fairly capable machines with great cameras. [newsletter title=”Don’t Miss Out!” description=”Sign up now to get the latest Drone news delivered directly to your inbox! We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will never be shared.” alignment=”right”]Make no mistake, near any drone can offer a digital zoom within the captured image, in this list we’re focusing on drones with optical zoom, that is, lenses that handle the change in focal length. This is a surprisingly short list, and a few of the machines use interchangeable lenses instead of fully functioning zoom capabilities, but if you need a new look, these drones can help.

We’re going to stick to mostly consumer-class drones here today, when you dive into the full commercial drone market, there are many customizations you can make, including a wide array of cameras to choose from. We’ll slowly be adding those types of drone to the site and lists like this, but if you are buying off the shelf, we’ve got you covered.

[drones-list id=”12708,16188,16242,12748,12812,18201,12828″ topper-text=”Mavic,Inspire,Enterprise,Parrot,Typhoon,Commercial,Yuneec” topper-icon=”award,camera,ambulance,trophy,medal,road,building”]

Don’t forget that any drone designed to haul a DSLR or camcorder is, technically, capable of zoom as well. That includes big machines like the Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus and Intel’s Falcon 8+.

Fun nano drones for the living room:

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