Important Update: December 12, 2017. We have yet to see confirmation from the FAA themselves, but by all accounts FAA sUAS registration is back in place – You must register your drone before you fly. Please stay tuned, we will confirm this information and provide all the details soon.

To all of our U.S. readers, remember how you dropped $5 to register yourself and your drone with the FAA before you took to the sky? Along with the ruling that said the FAA was no longer allowed to make you register, you can now get your money back, if you’d like.

Now that you know you can, the real question is, should you get your money back?

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If you are not sure what I’m speaking of, I’ll invite you to visit two important articles we have on the site. The first article asks the question, Do I need to register my drone with the FAA? Until recently, the answer was yes. The second article explains the lawsuit and court ruling that blocks the FAA from forcing you to register.

The ability to get your money back comes with a huge caveat: your current registration will be terminated. This is not just a way to get your $5 back, it’s a full cancellation of your account.

You may be comfortable cancelling your account now, but please keep in mind that it is most likely that the FAA will have a new registration tool in place soon. Keeping in mind that not needing to register does not mean there are no rules. The FAA still protects the national airspace and can give you fines and jail time.

When the FAA figures out how to safely, effectively and legally track our small flying machines, you will have to buy into the system again. I’ll leave for you to decide if getting your money back is worth the effort at this time. If so, just follow the link below, print the form and mail it in.

We do not know yet what additional benefits there may be for continuing your registration. Perhaps early access to any new services, or perhaps nothing. Bottom line, this registered user is keeping his registration intact. It is not worth the $5 for me to handle the paperwork and risk not being able to register again before any new rules are implemented.

Are you keeping your FAA registration?

What’s next?

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