For Black Friday 2020, the folks at Drone Pilot Ground School want to help you fly safely and legally, without breaking the bank. If you’ve been considering getting your FAA Part 107 certification, this may be the best deal you are likely to see for a one of the most comprehensive classes around.

This offer expires on Monday, November 30th at 11:59pm CT – save $107 (see what they did there?!?!) pay just $192 for training to become a commercial drone pilot.

Drone Pilot Ground School Part 107 training course commercial drone license drone pilot Drone Pilot Ground School

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Do I need the FAA Part 107 certification — do I need a drone license?

Explaining things as simply as possible: The FAA says that if you will be compensated for your flight in any way, including direct payment, the sale of photos and video from the sky, even to collect prize winnings from a race or ad money from YouTube, you are operating under the Part 107 regulations, you will need your drone license. Follow this quiz to learn more:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my drone license?

The FAA Part 107 certification is provided by the FAA through their pilot testing program. There is no official courses or classes, but there is plenty to know before you can write the test – making a class such as Drone Pilot Ground School very beneficial. You may self-train with the documents provided by the FAA, or take a class. When you are ready, you will find a testing facility in your area, mine is at a flight training school, then pay the $150 to write the exam. The test is 60 questions, and you need achieve a score of 70% to pass.

Why do you promote Drone Pilot Ground School?

There are many was to study for the Part 107 certification. Reading the FAA’s material can be a daunting task, while cramming on some sample tests can be an effective way to memorize some answers, but knowing that the answer is “C” does not teach you why that is so, nor does it prepare you if the proper answer gets moved to “B.” What we like the most about Drone Pilot Ground School is that they are much more than just a test study course, they are a community of pilots, eager to learn and share. DPGS guarantees that you’ll pass the test, but they will also help you understand everything you are asked, and continue on to flight safety, best practices and more drone fun beyond the test.

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