DJI Black Friday 2018

Another set of deals on some of the best drones around are here for you. While we have some of the best overall Black Friday deals covered, now we get to look at the deals DJI has to offer for 2018. 

We may not see great deals on the brand new DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom, but the older DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Air are prime for the picking!

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Last year DJI included some fun giveaways and such, this year it looks like they are just keeping it simple, bringing some solid deals to the table. In addition to the listed prices below, look for daily coupons and other savings or perks with each drone.

DJI Store landing page

If you are looking for more details on these drones, we’ve got you covered, also, it’s possible you can find lower prices if you purchase from Amazon, click the right side links below to compare.

In the long run, these are all great drones, each serves a different purpose, whether intended or not, and all are fun to fly. In case we failed to make it clear, we have a big list of the best Black Friday 2018 deals on the go, hit the button below to see them all. 

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