For the serious quadcopter film enthusiast, the Inspire 1 has been a radical and enticing drone option. The large design with folding landing gear and some of the best in-flight video capabilities around for a consumer drone make it one to beat. Sending out invites to a November 15th event in LA, we’re expecting that DJI will launch the second version of this flying tool, and we couldn’t be more excited.

In light of the recently released DJI Mavic Pro, a folding and fairly compact drone packed with industry leading features, we can only expect great things of a larger and more expensive Inspire 2.

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It was almost two years ago that the original Inspire drone was announced. The latest version of which manages 4K video recording on a highly capable stabilization gimbal. Full HD live video is transmitted back tot the controller, for your non-line of sight flying needs, getting you up to 3 miles away for those amazing shots of places you couldn’t reach by foot.

Sitting around $2000 for a base price on the Inspire 1, this is a commonly crashed drone in all those YouTube videos of things gone wrong. A ‘regular’ price of $3000 keeps the Inspire 1 firmly in the middle ground between the $1000-$1500 Phantom series flyers and the much more expensive professional rigs. We expect the Inspire 2 to come in the same price bracket, or even a little less expensive than the Inspire 1 thanks to innovations across their lines that can be borrowed.

In terms of borrowing tech, we’re truly hoping to see things like the smooth flying and safety features from the Mavic Pro. Including dual GPS sensors for redundant and extremely precise navigation, proximity sensors for forward and downward collision avoidance and more, the new Inspire 2 has the potential to be one of, if not the best consumer drone on the market.


Putting our expectations in check, the tagline of this DJI event, not to mention the location, leads us to believe the Inspire 2 will almost entirely focus on the needs of filmmakers. Control / Create likely refers not only to the art of filmmaking, but the fact that the Inspire 2 may be able to handle input two controllers. Either a team can work together to better control the device, or a handoff can take place, extending the effective range of the drone.

There is plenty of speculation on deck, but we hope you will stick with us, we’ll get you all the juicy details from the DJI November 15th event the moment we have them.

Bottom line, can you justify a $2000-$3000 Inspire drone when the $999 Mavic Pro does so much already?

Quadcopter Guide managed a little leak of the purported Inspire 2, if legit, it at least looks like the main structure remains similar. We look forward to learning more soon.

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