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Google’s Project Wing has graduated from X, they are now a dedicated drone company looking to transform the way goods are transported.

Continue reading as we dive into the story behind Project Wing and what the future will hold for the now independent company.

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What does this mean?

Project Wing, now named Wing, has just graduated from Google’s X program and is now an independent Alphabet business. This means Wing will be focusing entirely on drone deliveries and making them as fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly as possible. We respect these goals coming out of The Moonshot Factory.

Project Wing’s history

Project Wing came to fruition to address issues with the way goods are transported around the world today. Their aim is to create transportation that is faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than what we currently have.

Project Wing has been testing UAVs to autonomously deliver food and medical supplies. The Project Wing team designed a UAV to carry and deliver defibrillators to people that are suffering from a heart attack. Realizing that emergency drones have far too many hurdles for what seem like simple operations, the Project Wing team decided to stay focused on small package delivery.

Project Wing’s first prototype.

2016 was a big year for the Project Wing team as this saw the launch of their first package delivery in the United States. The package flown was burritos being delivered to students at Virginia Tech. At the time this was the longest drone delivery over U.S. soil.

Over the last year, the Project Wing team went through four iterations of its drone. These updates led to the best design, motor layout and material choices the team could think up.

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The present

Now that Project Wing is its own, they are able to continue to focus on the development and design of their package delivery drones. They are finalizing algorithms, flight paths, and drone designs to bring drone package delivery one step closer to the real world. The team has also taken a dive into an unmanned-traffic management system to ensure safe flight of their drones when they hit the skies officially. As it sits, however, the FAA still limits drone flight beyond visual line of sight, so that long-range airdrop you’ve been waiting for may not arrive soon.

Wrap Up

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What’s next?
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