Update #2: And the winner of the Charged Mavic Pro year-end giveaway is Mico F. from the Philippines. Congratulations, Mico, and we’ll be in touch to get you your Mavic Pro drone! Everyone else, come back for the next giveaway – it will be just as exciting!

Update: Because of the uncertainty surrounding the recall of the GoPro Karma, we’ve decided to change the prize of our year-end giveaway contest to a DJI Mavic Pro. Existing entries are still valid. The winner will be announced at the beginning of January. Good luck everyone!

Welcome to the November edition of Charged Monthly, the series where we look at the highlights of the month that just ended and give you a taste of what’s to come.

State of Charged

On October 3, we officially introduced to the world, and a month later, we’re happy to call the launch a success. From close to zero, Charged is now cruising along at a small, but significant daily traffic. Thousands of you now follow us on social media. We have a healthy subscriber base on YouTube, and even a few comments across our videos and articles (Don’t be shy! We love to interact.) These are all modest achievements in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn’t make them less exciting.

We’ll admit it. A lot of the buzz surrounding our launch was owed to that sweet Mavic Pro we put up for grabs for one lucky winner. Congrats to Viorica P. from Romania who gets to take home DJI’s new drone!

For everyone else, the next shot at an amazing price is right here. Enter our year-end giveaway at the bottom of this page for a chance at winning a DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Recharge: Don’t miss these stories

All through October we worked hard to keep up with the steady flow of news and rumors related to electric cars, autonomous vehicles, drones, and other incredible modern transportation developments. From Tesla’s exciting Autopilot update, to the epic beer-run made by Otto’s autonomous truck, to a slew of promising news coming out from conventional carmakers, October’s been packed.

Here are some of the highlights.

Tesla’s solar roof and Powerwall 2 just made your house look stupid

Elon Musk has enveiled Tesla’s much-anticipated solar roof. It’s totally invisible, it’s efficient and it’s a solar roof with no sacrifice.

Hyperloop is officially way more expensive than Elon planned for

Hyperloop One has revealed that the costs for Hyperloop will be at least double Elon Musk’s first optimistic estimate. But is that a big deal?

Everything you need to know about the LaFerrari

Is the LaFerrari the greatest Ferrari road car ever built? Is this petrol-electric hybrid even the best car on the road today?

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: the first real electric car battle

Tesla’s Model 3 is coming, but so is the Chevy Bolt. How do they stack up in terms of power, speed, luxury and range? See them square off here.

Otto completes first autonomous delivery and it’s a beer run

Otto has just made its first autonomous delivery and you’ll be happy to know that it was a huge beer run, taking 45,000 bottles of Bud 120 miles.

10 of the coolest futuristic movie cars

Here are 10 of the best futuristic movie cars that either point the way to the future or show us how much of yesterday’s fantasies are now reality.

Opinion: Elon Musk needs a reality check on media coverage

Elon Musk really put both feet in it when he claimed that the press is killing people when they write negative stories about Autopilot.

Best drones for sale in the world – consumer grade

Before you take to the skies, you’ll need to choose your aircraft. Join us to explore the best drones for sale at the consumer level. Cheap drones and up.

Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model 3: family rivalry

The Tesla Model S’s biggest rival could come from within. How does the Tesla Model 3 compare when it comes to power, speed, price, performance and more?

From our network

Our sister sites have been busy covering the hottest developments in the fast moving world of technology. Here’s some of the best stuff you can read on Android Authority, Tab Times, Sound Guys, and VR Source.

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DJI Mavic Pro giveaway

UPDATE: Because of the uncertainty surrounding the recall of the GoPro Karma, we’ve decided to change the prize of our year-end giveaway contest to a DJI Mavic Pro. Existing entries are still valid. The winner will be announced at the beginning of January. Good luck everyone!

This holiday season, gift yourself the chance to win a DJI Mavic Pro in our year-end giveaway. Enter the giveaway in the widget below!

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