The world of crowdfunded projects has a new project vying for your attention, the Kudrone nano drone. A feature-rich compact drone built with ease of use in mind, let’s see what it has to offer.

We are excited to see this project come to life, Kudrone looks to be a fun and productive drone that anyone can enjoy. The project is all but ready to take flight, let’s see if folks are on-board for the ride.

Update: Less than 12 hours from launch, Kudrone is fully funded!

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At nearly 4-inches across and 3 oz in weight, this is not the smallest drone you’ll get your hands on. However, this may be the smallest with a 1080p camera, automatic panoramic photo capture and GPS enabled autonomous flight.

The company behind the drone and project is called Ruiven. Kayven Zou is the company director, based in Fuzhou, Fujian province of China, he explains Kudrone as “… providing people with an affordable, compact and quality option that takes professional-grade videos and images, while offering flexibility through its hovering and vision positioning feature.”

The feature list includes toss to launch autopilot, the drone will follow you, sync with your mobile device, has a range of about 100 ft via WiFi connection and will return to your last known location if it gets lost or disconnected from you. Of course, you can use the mobile app for Android or iOS to manually take control. The 1080p video is captured on a sensor said to capture 4K images, we assume that means a 12MP sensor. We are yet to see if there is image stabilization or an active gimbal, we’ll be sure to update this when we learn more.

Indoor flying is enabled via sonar sensors for hovering and infrared sensors for object detection.

The Indigogo campaign just launched with early backers getting their hands on the unit for $99. Retail price is expected to be $169 and orders will ship to backers in the summer time. Check out the Kudrone campaign on Indiegogo, then let us know in the comments below if you ordered yours.

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