Allow us to enter this drone topic slowly. I know that some of you out there got burned by the initial Lily drone campaign, I know that even more of you were interested but didn’t take the crowd-funding plunge. Great news for all of us, Lily is back with a new company at the helm.

Mota is a manufacturer of several other drones, they’ve scooped up the rights to the Lily drone and made some updates. Lily is ready to fly! This is Lily Next-Gen.

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We met with Mota during CES 2018. They hosted a meeting away from the show floor, a quiet place to discuss the resurrection of this cute drone. We’re glad we took the time to chat, Lily Next-Gen is better than ever and backed by people that know what they’re doing.

FAA RegistrationKeeping things real, Mota has removed the ability to just toss the drone in the air and have it magically fly itself around. They’ve paired it with a decent remote control, as should have been expected in the first place.

Once airborne, Lily Next-Gen utilizes a robust set of positioning sensors to maintain stable flight. GPS, optic flow and ultrasonic positioning make Lily safe to fly indoors and out.

Enjoy up to 18 minutes of flight and capture the world through the 4K Sony camera sensor. Connectivity will get you up to 1 KM in range.

I made fun of self-piloted techniques above, calling them magic, well, there is still some magic in Lily. Tracking ‘Follow-me’ and orbit modes are available through the associated mobile application.

Lily Next-Gen is available for order now, grab the Pro Package for $699 with a healthy set of accessories. Bump up to the Lily Next Gen Full Package for $899 to get three batteries, propeller guards and much more.

We’re always happy to see a solid drone offering on the market, great work Mota on keeping Lily cute all while making it a reality.

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